White Water Rafting, Wildlife, and Sloths!

So, after a rather interesting start to our time in Costa Rica, things went from bad to rather worse. At least in terms of weather – what started off as cold and windy in Monteverde quickly changed to cold, windy and rainy…

And that didn’t get much better when we traveled to La Fortuna, where a volcano towers over the town (but where we never actually saw the volcano itself…).

DSC_1373 3
Pictured: A volcano in the background…

But travelling is about making the most of a bad situation, and what better way of doing that is there than taking advantage of all that rain to go white water rafting! Not only that, but the company was nice neough to pick us up from La Fortuna, and drop us in our next destination of Puerto Viejo!

And boy was the white water rafting fun. With level 3, 4 and 5 rapids at close to maximum river level, we shot down that river like a bunch of barrels tumbling over a waterfall. Okay, not the best description, but I guess you’ll just have to wait for my Central America video to come out to see for yourselves 😉 Needless to say, it was a pretty heart pounding experience! The number of times I was almost thrown from that boat, talk about fun 😀

DSC_1379 1.JPG

Then we were dropped off in Puerto Viejo, where despite yet more rain, we had an entirely different bunch of fun. In the form of a free national park, and a whole bunch of animals!

There were monkeys, iguanas, crabs, snakes, spiders, and yes, the ever sought after king of costa rican wildlife, sloths! In just a few hours we saw at least three sloths hanging out in trees right next to the path, which of course I got a bunch of fantastic photographs of 😉 sadly those are still waiting on my camera to be processed, so you’ll have to make do with pretty photos of the beach at the park.

DSC_1393 3.JPG

Of course, sloths are quite happy to hang out outside of the national parks as well. Especially on the Caribbean coast, apparently! I’ll just leave this selfie of a little guy we discovered on the side of the road right here 😉

DSC_1392 1.JPG



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