Trouble on the Boarder

Okay, I can do this, I can start catching up on my blog!

I’ve been extremely remiss lately in updating this – mostly I’m going with the excuse that I’ve actually been writing book two of The Sword of Light Trilogy, but also because travel is awfully distracting. Good news is, I’m hopefully only a week off finishing the first draft of Firestorm!

Now, what have I been up too?

Last time I checked in I was in Nicaragua, enjoying the surf at the beach of San Juan Del Sur. From there I traveled down with my friend Jon to the boarder and into Costa Rica. The actual boarder crossing wasn’t too bad itself. We met a German guy who joined us in the taxi ride to the boarder, where we managed to check out of Nicaragua with minimum scamming (only lost a dollar or two :/).

Things got tricky when we reached Costa Rica though.

First off, we had been planning on only making it a little way into Costa Rica, since we’d left too late in the day to get any farther. Shoulda stuck with the plan. Instead, we were convinced by the bus lady on the boarder to get a ticket all the way to Monteverde, even though we were pretty sure it would take two buses to get there. I’ll get to why this was a mistake in a minute.

After we’d bought our bus tickets, the next step was to actually get stamped into Costa Rica. So we stood in line for the que, where another bus driver spotted us and immediately singled us out for his little scam. He came over and insisted we would need an exit ticket on the bus from Costa Rica to get our stamp, and told us we would need to go across the road and get a ticket for $50.

DSC_1399 2.JPG
Life Lesson: Never trust a bus driver in Costa Rica

After a moments panic, we noticed the immigration line was going very quickly, so we decided to give it a go anyway. The lady at the counter promptly stamped our passports without asking a single question… Gotta love those dollar signs the people here see over your head :/

So, onwards to our bus ride to Monteverde. Or, in actual fact, to the side of the road next to the entrance to Monteverde. And no, not ‘entrance’ as in a two minute walk up the driveway. ‘Entrance’ as in another 60km of extremely windy, gravel/dirt road up into the mountains.


The bus driver assured us another bus was ‘probably’ coming in five minutes.

After half an hour we were beginning to get worried.

After an hour and with darkness descending, we decided we’d better take the offer the old man in a house next to the road had made us. $20 each to drive us into Monteverde. Boy was Costa Rica getting expensive fast!

So the old man jumped in his van with his wife and daughter, and off we went!

What we didn’t know was: 1) That the trip would take over two hours in the back of a beat up old van that stuck of gasoline, 2) The road was so bumpy we literally didn’t think the van would make it in places, and 3) Monteverde is bloody freezing!

DSC_1409 2.JPG
At least the view was nice the next morning!

Oh, and that everything in town gets booked out very quickly! So cold, miserable, exhausted (and in the case of Jon, sick), we grabbed the very first place we found available. A hostel with a private room to sleep three (did I mention the German had joined us for our disastrous journey) costing $20 each.

The bright side?

I actually had my first hot shower in 6 weeks 🙂

At least there was a bit to see in Monteverde


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