Surfing while Sick in San Juan Del Sur

FIRESTORM UPDATE: Okay, so it may not be going along at quite the pace I’d like, but the first draft of Firestorm is up to 33k words and Chapter 10, so its definitely coming along. Still in line for a June release I hope 🙂


Sometimes you know something is a bad idea, and do it anyway. Other times it takes a good buddy to convince you. Whichever it was, I know I ended up with a pretty decent fever by the end of the day. Guess that’s what you get when you decide to go surfing while sick.

At least it was fun though.

Really, my only mission for the day was to get my laundry done. I’d woken up with a sore throat and new it was only a matter of time before I was properly sick. So a quiet day would have been fine. Somehow while searching for a laundromat though, Jon managed to negotiate surfing lessons for us with some random guy in the street. He got it down to $25 each for 2 hours of lessons, board rental and transport too, so he did pretty damn well.

Only problem – we had to go, now. We didn’t even have enough water for the day ;’D

But the beach sure was worth it. Beautiful sand, awesome sun, and the perfect beginners waves.

DSC_1385 1.JPG
Not the actual beach, but this was the main one in San Juan Del Sur

Only problem then was summoning the energy to surf. Good thing I was only just starting to get sick, because the water felt cold enough as it was. Our teacher was a super nice, laid back guy too though, which also helped a lot. And after only about ten minutes on the beach practicing, he had Jon and I in the water getting ready to catch our first waves (well, we’d both surfed before, but never really stood up).


I was very surprised when, after only a few tries, I actually managed to stand up properly on the board. Guess lessons were worth it after all, since it was our teachers observations that I needed to get further up the board to get my balance right that did it in the end. It was also fortunate that I have enough experience body surfing to be able to read the waves. Sadly, its pretty hard to use a gopro while learning to surf, so no shots of me standing.

Jon did pretty well too though, especially given he hasn’t grown up in the ocean like us kiwi’s! He managed to stand up just as many times as me, and still had the energy for another round later in the afternoon. As for me, that fever was really starting to kick in around then, and I found the water freezing. Still got a shot or two of him though!


All and all another great day. Later that night though I pretty much passed out with a lovely fever. But at least it helped to burn off the cold, and the next day I had the strength to get us to Costa Rica. Which was lucky, because Jon had picked up the same cold by then, and definitely did not enjoy the trip.

Not that the trip was all bells and roses – but that’s a story for next time.


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