Islets of Granada

You know how you sometimes have those days where you do nothing, and then you have those days when you go out for lunch and end up on a boat in the middle of a hundred islands on the tenth largest lake in the world?

This was one of those more adventurous days.

The worst part of those days is we weren’t really prepared for the adventure we were getting ourselves into. Surely we should have at least had two full water bottles!

Anyway, I’m getting ahead of myself here. We started by heading down the street and grabbing some fried chicken and chips for lunch. Healthy I know! But at least it was only $2.

Then we headed off to check out the central park, take a few photos of the cathedral, a few churches, and so on. You know, standard affair when you’re travelling through Latin America.

Okay, photos done, we decided to head down to the lake a see what that was like. Que pretty decent thirty minute walk in the boiling sun. Whoops! At least it was all downhill, and it wasn’t like there was an easier way to do this (okay actually we were offered a boat tour from the square for $25 for two that included transport)….

When we reached the lake it wasn’t exactly what you’d call overwhelming. Like so many places here in Nicaragua, there was a lot of trash and pollution that were definitely ruining the poor lake. But it was nice enough. But that was when another boat tour salesman approached us.

After a bit of harassment and bartering, we finally decided to go for it at $8 each for an hour. Only problem was the boat was right on the other side of the town – about a twenty minute BIKE RIDE away… (oh this guy had a bike).

So we started walking, not really knowing the above details due to our salesmans lake of english. After five minutes, low and behold our captain shows up on another bike! Yay, two bikes, four people… They both proceed to give us their bikes, and then… the captain jumps on the back of mine. Well at least we get a free bike tour as well, right?

Arg, turns out biking with someone on the back for twenty minutes on a crappy bike is actually kind of hard! Didn’t help when Jon started coasting off the back of me by grabbing the captains hand either (Grrrr). My legs were kind of burning by the time we got there.

And then we were on the boat and off to see the islands! At an increeeeedibly slow pace. Put put put. It was seriously ridiculous. But the islands were nice enough, alot of nice jungle and trees and houses. A few cranes, and a tiny little island hat even had monkeys! That was pretty sweet, especially when the captain managed to get one to come right up to the boat. Sadly we had no food though, so the monkeys decided to stay in their tree (darn it).

When we finally got back to the shore, the captain seemed totally uninterested in collecting our money. We probably could have actually walked off for nothing, but nice people we are we paid him. And were then told we had to walk all the way back. Yayyyy.

Fortunately Jon managed to con a hotel driver to give us a ride back to the entrance where we’d started off, which was lucky because it was ALOT further than we’d thought.

After that it was just a hop, skip and a starving stomach filled by a hotdog back to our hostel.

Not too bad a day, all up. I think I’d recommend it, although it may have been worth paying the extra money at the hostel based on what some of our friends experienced.

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