Volcano boarding in Nicaragua

Well, as promised I ended up going volcano boarding a few days after my bout of food poisoning, because why wouldn’t I?

What is volcano boarding you ask?


Yeah, its pretty much exactly what it sounds like. Its riding a thin piece of wood down the extremely steep gravel slope of a volcano. Completely logical Monday morning activity, right? Just as crazy as pulling yourself out of bed to go sit in an office all day I reckon 😉

Anyway, first we had to get to the top of said volcano. And as you can see above, its not exactly an easy climb. Not to mention my stomach hadn’t really been letting me eat what I would call ‘regular’ portions of food over the last few days, so my body was not definitely not at its strongest… Oh, and just so there’s no doubt, this was actually an active volcano…

Pictured right before an eruption of lava put an end to any plans for Book Two (XD)

But I made it to the top in one piece. Then it was just the part where you throw yourself back down. At speeds reaching up to 90mph… Yay! Of the four of us, I ended up going last (somehow), which was fine. I was pretty terrified. Did I mention Eric’s fear of heights is actually a very real fear of my own? I mean, I rock climb and abseil and things, but its terrifying. And falling is definitely the worst part. Fortunately, nature had other plans to me freaking out on top of the volcano…

Bees… Lots and lots of freaken bees. Like a swarm, right there on the mountain top, swirling around me. So I just bloody well went – no time to be afraid of the ride when THERE ARE BEES EVERYWHERE!

So off I went, gravel flying, goggles as-cue, bandanna hardly covering my mouth, pretty much out of control and unable to see a bloody thing. But by some miracle I made it to the bottom, alive, and in one piece. Bloody miracle I reckon.

Oh and I’ve decided stuff it – Book Two is being tentatively called ‘Firestorm’ because its just too perfect a title for the novel 🙂

Thankfully volcano boarding > bees

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