Sick in Paradise

Arg. The title says it all, doesn’t it? Sick in the paradise of Nicaragua. Worse of all? From food poisoning – for the first time ever. Yay… And from a hamburger at a hostel of all places…


DSC_1370 1.JPG
Especially not the killer waves…

Anyway, I’ve been sick for three days, but I am alive. And my friend Jon showed up just in time to witness me spending the night throwing up so… at least company right? Of course, he’s now getting sick with a cold or something, so yeah :/

DSC_1374 1.JPG

I think I’m finally getting better now though, so hopefully tomorrow will at last be time for Volcano Boarding!


Because nothing say being better than hiking up a mountain just to throw yourself off, right?

In other news, I had a eureka moment last night for the perfect title of the next book – Firestorm. Sadly, its already taken… So back to the drawing board 😥

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