Massage from a Blind Guy

Not the most exciting post I know, but I don’t have much else to update you on today. Oh, other than I am now up to Chapter 6 of Book 2, and have written a brief outline of the whole book! I mean I had a draft outline before from the first time I ‘wrote’ the series (it was baaaaad), but now I’ve finally read through that terrible manuscript and taken out the best parts to keep for book 2 🙂

I’m leaning more towards Fire Mage by the way, what do you think?

Anyway, the massage from a blind guy. The reason I needed a massage? Well, apparently when you combine a 17 hour day traveling from Utila, Honduras to Leon, Nicaragua, with a good bit of dehydration the next day, you end up with a day long headache that just won’t go away. Which pretty much meant yesterday was a complete bust. Today I was feeling significantly better, but there was still a niggling threat of a headache in the tight muscles of my neck.

Low and behold, next door there is a blind guy giving massages.

And he was pretty damn good too! I’m feeling much better now.

The end 😛


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