First Aid Qualified (Again!)

I’m finding this blog is a great way to warm up my writing skills each day (in case anyone was wondering why I bother ;)), and some of you might be excited to learn I’ve uped my daily word count to 1500 words per day. So hopefully I might even finish the first draft in two months! That’d put me well on track for a June release 🙂

Anyway, its lunchtime already here. This morning I managed to complete the practical parts of my first aid course, so I am once again first aid qualified. I think this is the 3rd or 4th time I’ve completed the course haha. When I was younger I worked as a Residential Assistant for a University Hall (Grafton Hall in Auckland), and we needed a first aid certificate for the job. And it was certainly needed! During the two years I worked there I dealt with broken bones, serious gashes (blood everywhere!), blackout drunk people, people running through glass doors (see blood everywhere…), people I wish had been blackout drunk (seriously, stuff coming out of both ends), and a heart attack. Not to mention all the non-first aid injuries that were just as serious. Boy to my fellow RA’s and I have some stories… I definitely had more first hand experience than the teacher of the course XD

Okay, most of it was drunk people. It was a university hall after all…

Anyway, at least thats out of the way. This afternoon I’ll be taking an hour to complete the last of the theory for the Rescue Diver course, and then tomorrow its onto the practical! I’ve been told to be nice to my instructor because I’m going to have to rescue her, and she’s threatened to make my life difficult if I don’t. So I’d better be a good boy tomorrow haha 🙂

Okay that’s enough for one day. Onwards to the book! Flamewielder? I think I’ve gone off that line of thought, so back to the drawing board on titles I guess.



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