Warming up with Fun Dives

Well I haven’t quite started the practical side of my Rescue Diver course just yet, but I thought I’d have a bit of fun and get in the water for a couple of dives anyway. Only ‘not fun’ part of this idea was the getting up at 6.30am in the morning. I am really really not a morning person.

Somehow I managed it though. No sunrise this time though. But at least the sun was out, so the hours boat ride was pretty enjoyable. Didn’t take any photos of that part though, silly me. If I had I might have realised my GoPro had turned itself on in the night and burned through all the battery before I was 10 mitres underwater and face to face with Moray Eel. Damnit! He was a big fuller too, sitting out in the open eyeing us like we might be his next meal. Kind of like a big green snake but much much slimier!



Then a bit later, of course there was a second Moray on the first dive! (-_-). To make matters worse, my dive belt decided to crack while I was down at 18m. Fortunately I felt it go and managed to grab it before I lost it altogether, but one weight did fall off… (first time I’ve ever lost a weight :/). That quickly disappeared down the cliff we were swimming along while I shot upwards with the change of weight. Fortunately apparently two weights was still enough to keep me down, and I was able to readjust my buoyancy without too much trouble! The boat also had a spare weight belt for my second dive which was lucky.


At least I managed to change the battery on my GoPro before our second dive. Sadly as Murphy’s law goes, there were no Moray Eels on this dive. The water was still nice though, and a hell of a lot warmer than the boat where a storm had blown up. Turns out rain in the Caribbean is colder than the ocean!


Now I’m just sitting in a cafe working on the third chapter of Book Two (still trying to think of a name ;D), and feeling a little sad that I just got my first 2 star review. Apparently Stormwielder needs some more proofreading! Not to worry, I’ve got my team on it haha. Hopefully I can get those mistakes up to standard shortly, since I’d love to start marketing towards bookstores soon.

Oh and happy Monday to everyone back at work 😉


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