The Makings of a Rescue Diver

So today I started my course to become a certified Rescue Diver with PADI. Up until now, I’ve been with the SSI dive school side of things, so it will be interesting to see how things differ between the two companies.

Today has just been theory though, so hasn’t exactly been the most thrilling of times. In fact, it was more sitting in front of a tv watching DVDs for four hours and answering the work book questions. Fuuuuun. And now its raining outside, which I’m gonna vote as a good thing (always look on the bright side!), as its now a bit cooler. I can even stand wearing a Tshirt while outside!

No pictures today sadly, as I haven’t been up to anything much interesting. But whether permitting tomorrow I’ll be tackling a couple of fun dives in the lead up to my course, so that is something to look forward too. Weather permitting of course…. Fingers crossed the sun comes back!

Onto the writing, as a quick update I’ve just surpassed 6000 words for book two, and I’m getting close to the end of Chapter two. I’m also starting to debate about what the name will be, and whether I should maybe continue with something akin to the first book. Flamewielder? Lightwielder? Earthwielder? Knowing full well none of you have any idea what’ll be happening in book two, I’m completely open to suggestions XD Hopefully my beta readers will be able to help too 😉

Right, I’ve got another 1000 words to write today so I’d better get on with it. Happy Sunday!


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