Into the Jungle

Well, sadly the yacht thing didn’t happen. The guy ended up with engine troubles so had to cancel, which is a real shame because it is a beauty of a day today! But oh well, these things happens. Just means I get more time to write, and I can tell you about my new years eve ūüėČ


I was lucky enough to spend my day at the beautiful Semuc Chumpey in Guatemala. For the first half of the day, we ventured into some water caves beneath the mountains. WIth only candles. Thats right – candles. In a cave where the water goes above your head quite regularly…. Not a bad start to the day you might say.

Anyway, for an hour we ventured deep into the caves, until we were about 900m underground. We climbed a waterfall, swum through deep caverns, and generally tried our best to keep the candles lit. Apart from the climbing the waterfall part. That was hopeless.

At the end, we were treated to a cliff you could climb and jump into a pool of deep water. Being the chicken I am (and the fact we were 900m underground definitely didn’t help), I decided to pass on that one. Little did I know it wasn’t the most crazy part of the tour.

That came when we squeezed into a tiny crevace, and sat there while the guide explained what to do when you went through the hole. In the rock. With the water gushing down it… Yeah, it was a little freaky. Wish I’d had the balls to keep my gopro filming for that part!

But I survived and made it out of the cave (I like to think a few readers are thankful for that). From there we marched up the mountain to get a view of the Semuc Chumpey waterfalls – the real reason for visiting this valley in the middle of nowhere.

Stunning aren’t they? ¬†Well after hiking¬†down to them (and leaving the group well behind), we also got to swim in those gorgeous blue waters. In which there are also fish – the kind of fish the put in baths to eat the dead skin off you. And boy do the little buggers bite! They also happened to go for scratched mosquito bites, which made¬†for a rather uncomfortable experience at times!



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