Jumping at Opportunities

Well well well, so this could be interesting. Yesterday I posted on the Central America facebook group asking if anyone was heading from Livingston, Guatemala to Utila, Honduras in the next week or so. Low and behold, there is a couple taking their yacht down the river and along to Roatan, Honduras. Not quite the island was looking for, but certainly not an opportunity I want to miss! Fingers crossed he gets back to me now I’ve messaged him haha.

Only problem is, I now have to get on with writing the next book quick smart, since I may be losing a few days of quiet time for writing… Sorry guys!

Other than that the only other thing to report is that my foot is getting better (okay I may have forgotten to mention, I have a nasty sore on my foot that’s been infected the last few days). So hopefully I can keep the foot :’D

Thanks for following, I’ll be sure to keep you updated about whether I’m heading off on this yacht!


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