Christmas in Guatemala

Merry Christmas all you readers (all two of you following my site 😉), I hope it’s been a great one. Hopefully you get a chance to read a bit of Stormwielder in your spare time 😄

I’ve spent the day on the very tourist town of Antigua, Guatemala, basically splurging a bit to enjoy myself. Pancakes for breakfast, chocolate cake and a cappuccino for morning tea, ham for lunch. Good stuff.


It’s definitely been a quiet Christmas for me, but this is a beautiful place and the weather has been fantastic. The whole town is surrounded by volcanic peaks, so it makes for quite the spectacular view!


Tonight I think I’ll go find a nice restaurant and treat myself to dinner. I’ve been a bit sick lately, so I’m taking it easy. Because in a couple of days I hope to climb one of those volcanoes! I’ll tell you all about it when I make it back.

Merry Christmas!


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